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This document, titled “Cleaning of the Healthcare Environment”, is an essential guide produced by the NSW Government. It provides detailed insight into the vital matter of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare settings. After establishing the background, legislative requirements, and associated policies in the first section, it delves into specific cleaning requirements and procedures.

“Food Safety Practices and Requirements” is an informational document designed to assist food businesses in adhering to high standards of cleanliness and sanitization. The document lays out detailed guidelines under Standard 3.2.2, which emphasise the need for clean premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment, and food transport vehicles.

his document from Safe Work Australia discusses the transition away from mandatory COVID-19 isolation (as of October 14, 2022) and emphasizes the continuing responsibility of employers to minimize the risk of COVID-19 in the workplace. The document includes a comprehensive list of questions related to cleaning and disinfection in the workplace context.

Appendix 6 provides information on cleaning and sanitising food contact surfaces and eating and drinking utensils. While businesses are not legally required to adhere to the specifics detailed, the appendix outlines the separate procedures of cleaning and sanitising and how they differ from sterilising.

Comprehensive guidance on COVID-19 cleaning practices for non-healthcare workplaces emphasizing on regular disinfection of high-touch surfaces. A risk assessment informs cleaning frequency and scope. Recommends daily cleaning and subsequent disinfection, with detergent-disinfectant combinations for efficiency. Addresses various sectors like retail, transportation, and gyms.

This information sheet provides crucial principles for environmental cleaning and disinfection in health and residential care facilities in the context of COVID-19. It underscores the importance of cleaning as an integral part of disinfection, as organic matter can interfere with many disinfectants. The guidance suggests thorough cleaning followed by disinfection to effectively remove germs like the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Routine cleaning should involve frequently touched surfaces and general surfaces when visibly soiled.

NSW Health’s November 2021 guidance outlines COVID-19 mitigation measures in residential buildings. It emphasizes hygiene, social distancing, mask wearing, regular cleaning of common areas, and provision of hand sanitizers, stressing that close contact poses a higher transmission risk.

This guide, authored by Sonja Koukel from New Mexico State University, provides insight into the selection and use of home cleaning products. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the chemical composition of household cleaning products, many of which contain hazardous substances often hidden under confidential business information (CBI) labels. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is working on increasing transparency in this area.


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