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Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


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What Our Clients Say

Excellent Service, I have been using Sydney Premium Cleaning for my home and I have always been super happy knowing they are doing an excellent job and are trustworthy.

Kristy Smith

Sydney Premium Cleaning has been cleaning our office space for the last 3 months. We are greatful for how reliable they are.

Jason Chan

I have been through multiple cleaning companies over the last couple of years. Im so happy I have found Sydney Premium Cleaning. Great work by the team

Zeina George
Doris Osman
Doris Osman
Being an athletic girl, I'm always on the move. Thankfully, Sydney Premium Cleaning keeps my space spotless. Their cleaners Sydney team are top-notch, making Sydney cleaning a breeze. Highly recommend for efficient house cleaning
Brad Roberts
Brad Roberts
Erfan & his team turned up to my place perfectly on time and did a spectacular job, extremely happy & would def recommend. Thank you! 🏆
Luke Bergs
Luke Bergs
As a gym enthusiast who's constantly on the road for competitions and training, finding reliable house cleaners in Sydney for my Airbnb property was a priority. Sydney Premium Cleaning came highly recommended, and they've lived up to the praise. Their specialized service for Airbnb cleaning in Sydney is outstanding. Every fortnight, they take care of my property, ensuring it's ready for the next guests. The attention to detail, commitment to eco-friendly practices, and ability to work around my complex travel schedule has made them invaluable. What sets them apart is their thorough understanding of the unique needs of Airbnb properties. The guests consistently compliment the cleanliness, and I know that's all thanks to Sydney Premium Cleaning. For anyone in need of reliable house cleaners in Sydney, especially for Airbnb cleaning in Sydney, I can't recommend Sydney Premium Cleaning enough. Their professionalism and dedication have allowed me to focus on my passion without worrying about my property.
Niyasha Perera
Niyasha Perera
As someone who works out a lot and maintains a full-time job, finding time to clean was impossible. That's when I discovered Sydney Premium Cleaning, and my life changed! These house cleaners in Sydney are absolutely amazing. They're efficient, professional, and understand the needs of a busy lifestyle. I can now focus on my career and fitness without worrying about cleaning. If you're looking for reliable Sydney cleaners, look no further. Sydney Premium Cleaning is the best choice for a spotless home!
Luis Gonzales
Luis Gonzales
Sydney Premium Cleaning provides top-notch, consistent service, making both my house and parents' apartment spotless weekly. Their team's attention to detail, reliability, and professionalism stand out. Their service is a game-changer, offering us peace of mind in our living spaces. Highly recommended for all your cleaning needs.
Silvio Dene (idksilvio)
Silvio Dene (idksilvio)
Great workers, arrived on time and did an excellent job on my space. Definitely recommending them to family
Lobster Lier
Lobster Lier
Helped clean my apartment
Hussein B
Hussein B
Highly recommend! Erfan was incredibly professional and friendly and provided nothing but absolute value for money, I’ve referred him to all my friends and I’ve heard nothing but positive feedback from them also. Thank you again for making the process pleasant and seamless, will definitely be using your services again.
Parsa Yazdani
Parsa Yazdani
Sydney Premium Cleaning is my go-to. They always do an amazing job in no time.
Pedram Soleiman
Pedram Soleiman
Sydney Premium Cleaning has been a game-changer for me. Balancing full-time work with professional bodybuilding leaves me little time and a big mess. These experts handle it all with unparalleled efficiency and attention to detail. My home sparkles, and my time is now better spent. Their professionalism is top-notch, and they cater to my schedule seamlessly. Essential service for any busy individual!

Home Cleaning Services in South West Sydney

Our cleaning company is proud to be the leading house cleaning service in South West Sydney and throughout Sydney. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we take care of all your household chores, saving you countless hours of cleaning time. Whether you require a thorough house cleaning before Christmas dinner with your family or need assistance in removing chewing gum from your beloved carpet, we are always prepared to lend a helping hand.

Exclusive Domestic Cleaning Deals in South West Sydney!

Sydney Premium Cleaning has worked extensively with locals in South West Sydney to establish itself as the most trusted cleaning company in the area, including suburbs like Abbotsbury, Bankstown, Bossley Park, Campbelltown, Earlwood, Edensor Park, Fairfield, Fairfield West, Georges Hall, Ingleburn, Padstow, Revesby, Roselands, Ruse, South Western Sydney, and Wetherill Park. Our teams are dedicated to providing reliable service and finding the best cleaning solution for you. We have expertise in various types of house cleaning, including window cleaning, carpet cleaning, oven cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. Our cleaners also handle bathroom cleaning, apartment cleaning, catch-up/recurring cleaning, deep cleaning, and end of lease cleaning in South West Sydney.

Advantages of Enlisting the Services of Expert Home Cleaners in South West Sydney

Premium House Cleaning Services in South West Sydney

We offer high-quality house cleaning services throughout the South West Sydney suburbs in Sydney. This includes Abbotsbury, Bankstown, Bossley Park, Campbelltown, Earlwood, Edensor Park, Fairfield, Fairfield West, Georges Hall, Ingleburn, Padstow, Revesby, Roselands, Ruse, South Western Sydney, and Wetherill Park. If you are in the area and require cleaning services, contact our experts now! Whether you need deep cleaning or regular house cleaning in South West Sydney, carpet cleaning or kitchen cleaning in South West Sydney, end-of-lease cleaning in South West Sydney, or apartment cleaning in South West Sydney – Sydney Premium Cleaning is your ultimate solution!

Top-quality cleaning services in South West Sydney

Looking for specialized cleaning services? We offer a wide range of cleaning options, including regular house and apartment cleaning, as well as strata cleaning, end of lease cleaning, and move in or move out cleaning. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our goal is to provide our clients with the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with having a clean home. We are dedicated to delivering the best service every time, no matter your specific needs.

Top-notch cleaning services in South West Sydney

We offer high-quality cleaning services throughout South West Sydney, including Kensington, Kingsford, Maroubra, Matraville, and Randwick. Sydney Premium Cleaning provides services in all of these areas. For instance, we specialize in strata and builders cleaning in Randwick, apartment cleaning in Kensington and Kingsford, general house cleaning in Matraville, and special cleaning services such as kitchen and bathroom cleaning in Maroubra.

Premium Cleaning Services

As the highest-rated cleaners in the South West Sydney area, we have a reputation to maintain. That's why we employ skilled, hardworking, and passionate experts in the cleaning industry. Our staff members at Sydney Premium Cleaning are friendly, trustworthy, and genuinely enjoy cleaning. Moreover, we bring our own heavy-duty cleaning equipment and use 100% eco-friendly products.

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Our Specialty Residential Cleaning Services

Relieve Stress with Sydney's Top House Cleaners

Are you stressed about your house cleaning tasks? Schedule a house cleaning session with Sydney Premium Cleaning, and we will have your house organized in no time. As the top house cleaning service in South West Sydney, we are renowned for our attention to detail. From the dust on the ceiling fan to the neglected filter on the dishwasher and the grime behind the toilet, we take notice and clean everything.

Crystal Clear Windows in South West Sydney

If you're finding it difficult to clean your windows, give Sydney Premium Cleaning a call for immediate assistance. We are the experts in window cleaning, equipped with the necessary skills and tools to ensure your windows are crystal clear. Whether your windows are big or small, or located at a great height, our team of top-notch cleaners in South West Sydney will efficiently restore their sparkle. Let us help maintain the beauty and attractiveness of your home.

Revitalize Your Carpet with South West Sydney's Premier Cleaning Services

With the end of your lease approaching, it is important to address the accumulation of dust and dirt in your carpet. If left unattended, this can lead to musty air and an increase in particulate matter. Our cleaning services in South West Sydney provide effective solutions using the latest technology to tackle these issues. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our team of experts utilize 100% eco-friendly anti-microbial cleaners, cleaning agents, and vacuuming techniques to thoroughly sanitize your carpet. As a result, your carpet will not only feel smoother and look brand new, but it will also have a pleasant aroma. Don't let a dirty carpet affect the air quality in your space. Trust our professional cleaning services to restore your carpet's cleanliness and freshness.

Attention to Detail End of Lease Cleaning in South West Sydney

For your end of lease cleaning needs in South West Sydney, we pay great attention to detail and ensure that no task is left unfinished. Our goal is to provide you with a tidy and rejuvenating living space when you return home after a long day. With our extensive experience in end of lease services, we work efficiently to ensure your satisfaction. Sydney Premium Cleaning is capable of fulfilling all your cleaning requirements.

Efficient Apartment Cleaning in South West Sydney

With your busy schedule, it can be quite a hassle to keep your apartment clean. That's why we offer apartment and strata cleaning services in South West Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. We cater to all types of apartments, from studios and one-bedroom units to duplexes and triplexes. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we understand your needs and are extremely flexible. Whether you require a thorough cleaning before renting out your apartment on Airbnb or simply need a cleanup after hosting a house party, we have got you covered.

Expert Oven Cleaning in South West Sydney

Oven cleaning is a task that requires expertise, as it is crucial to prioritize hygiene. Among all the cleaners in South West Sydney, Sydney Premium Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring the utmost cleanliness in oven cleaning. In addition to our exceptional oven cleaning services, we also prioritize the provision of highly hygienic cleaning services. Our primary concern is the health and well-being of our clients, so we handle everything with great care.

Sparkling Kitchen in South West Sydney

It is undeniable that the kitchen is one of the most challenging areas to clean in any home. With grease, oils, and cooking stains, dirt and germs tend to accumulate. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we are a team of professionals who specialize in delivering exceptional results. After we clean your kitchen, you will be able to enjoy a completely refreshed space, from top to bottom!

Revitalize Your Bathroom in South West Sydney

Between the shower, the toilet, and the sink, bathroom cleaning can take a lot of time. Fortunately, our cleaners are prepared to freshen up your bathroom and leave you feeling revitalized. Sydney Premium Cleaning guarantees that we will have your bathroom looking immaculate in a short amount of time. From the mirrors and lights to the countertop, we will take care of every single detail.

Cleaning Services in South West Sydney

No matter how hard you try to keep your house clean, there are times when obstacles come in your way. If you find yourself lacking time to do the cleaning, that's where our cleaning services can assist you. Sydney Premium Cleaning provides personalized services to meet the needs of each client, including vacuuming, mopping, dusting, and polishing. We bring our own equipment, so all you need to do is sit back, relax, and attend to other tasks while our team of experts takes care of cleaning your house.

Top-Notch Deep Cleaning in South West Sydney

Using the finest eco-friendly products, along with effective methods, our deep cleaning service is second to none. Sydney Premium Cleaning provides the ultimate deep cleaning services available. Our thorough cleaning process also eliminates harmful elements and particles. Unlike most cleaning services in South West Sydney, we prioritize hygiene factors. This is because the wellbeing of our clients is our top priority.

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Do I need to be at home during the service?

As the leading cleaners in South Western Sydney, Sydney Premium Cleaning takes pride in our efficiency and trustworthiness. You can be confident that your home will be cleaned to the highest standards, even if you're not present. However, if you prefer to personally supervise a specific task or feel more comfortable being at home during the cleaning, you are welcome to stay. Alternatively, you can leave a priority checklist for our staff on site, but please ensure you inform them of its location.

Do your cleaners provide services on weekends?

We're ready to clean for you every day! You can even book us for end-of-lease cleaning in South Western Sydney or other emergency cleaning services in the area. Our cleaners are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve both homes and offices.

Are You Bonded And Insured?

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we understand the importance of reliability and trustworthiness to our clients. We guarantee that all our professionals are fully insured and thoroughly vetted through a rigorous process, which includes police checks. Our teams are dedicated to providing a service that meets your satisfaction while upholding the highest standards of quality. Additionally, our team will bring all the necessary equipment and materials for the service, including eco-friendly cleaning products and any required equipment.

How do I book a cleaning service?

Booking your cleaning service has never been easier! Just follow these 3 simple steps. First, give our cleaning experts a call. Once you've had a discussion with our professional cleaners, you'll receive a free quote. Once both parties have approved, we'll bring our own cleaning equipment to your place! That's all there is to it. You can also visit our website to get a free quote for any cleaning category you need. We are conveniently located in South Western Sydney, so if you're in the area, book now!

How long will it take to clean my house?

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we aim to provide our services with the utmost efficiency. The time taken to complete our services depends on the type and combination of services required, as well as the size of the rooms and the overall condition of your home. For example, deep-cleaning a large kitchen may take longer than routine cleaning of a small bedroom. To give you an approximate idea of the time required to clean your home, you can simply count one hour for each bedroom. So, if your home has 3 bedrooms, the cleaning process will approximately take 3 hours.

How many people are going to clean my house?

Once you have booked our services online, Sydney Premium Cleaning will evaluate your request and allocate a team to clean your home. We will inform you in advance about the number of team members who will be attending on the scheduled date. Typically, a standard house cleaning team comprises of 2 individuals. However, if necessary, an additional member may be included based on the level of complexity of the services you require. For smaller tasks like cleaning a studio apartment or a one-bedroom house, or for touch-up cleaning assignments, we usually send a single person.

Are you able to pick up and drop off keys to our real estate agent for our end of lease clean?

Yes, Sydney Premium Cleaning can collect and deliver your keys to your Real Estate Agent if they are located within a reasonable distance from your home. We are happy to assist with this if the agent's office is nearby. Additionally, if this service will facilitate your move and make it more convenient for you, we can arrange to pick up and drop off the keys on your behalf. Our main focus is to provide assistance and support to our customers, so please inform us of your requirements either through the booking form or by sending us an email.

How will I know if my booking is already confirmed?

Once you have completed the online form, you will receive a confirmation notice from us. We will promptly send you a confirmation email upon receiving your booking. At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we place great importance on communication throughout the service. Therefore, the team assigned to your service will send you a text message the day before your scheduled clean. This message aims to confirm the time and address any uncertainties you may have. Additionally, please remember that you can always contact our office for further assistance.

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