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Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


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Excellent Service, I have been using Sydney Premium Cleaning for my home and I have always been super happy knowing they are doing an excellent job and are trustworthy.


Kristy Smith

Sydney Premium Cleaning has been cleaning our office space for the last 3 months. We are greatful for how reliable they are.


Jason Chan

I have been through multiple cleaning companies over the last couple of years. I’m so happy I have found Sydney Premium Cleaning. Great work by the team.


Zeina George

Sydney Carpet Cleaning Services

Ever noticed the difference in people around a clean surrounding and an unclean one? Think about it as maintaining a clean environment is crucial to any place you spend most of your time. Studies show a clean environment plays a vital role in mental health.

By hiring professional carpet cleaning services in Sydney, you can relax and indulge in that hobby you always wanted to spend some time in or spend some quality family time.

Why would anyone require carpet cleaning services and what are the benefits offered by them? Well, read on to know more or give us a call today for all your cleaning services!

Take Advantage Of Domestic Cleaning Offers!

We provide the best carpet cleaning services in all of Sydney. That’s partly because we hand-pick our staff and employ only the best cleaning technicians who have a track record of high-quality work.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our staff members are friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and professional, with years of experience in all types of cleaning. All staff members have been selected after a rigorous vetting process (including police checks).

Experienced Carpet Cleaning Sydney

During the festive season, your home contributes a lot to a good impression and if a carpet is part of your flooring, it’s important to take proper care of your carpet with cleaning and maintenance. Along with vacuuming and spot cleaning, hiring a carpet cleaning service can extend the life of your carpet along with other benefits.

  1. Improved Indoor Airflow:

Dust and dirt emerging from your carpet can hinder the ventilation in that particular room, making it stuffy and compromising airflow especially in the areas along the walls where air needs to move the most. Simple vacuuming cannot remove all the debris in and around your carpet. So a regular maintenance call to a professional carpet service can cover you here.

  1. Improved health:

If someone living with you has a breathing problem or catches a regular cold, you may want to check your carpet as they are carriers of dust particles, bacteria and allergens. These contaminants can cause a whole variety of problems especially in children and the elderly. A vacuuming can improve the condition of your carpet but contaminants still tend to accumulate over time. Thus, choosing a carpet cleaning service can ensure that contaminants do not accumulate quickly as your carpet goes through a thorough cleaning process.

  1. Improved look and feel:

Dust and dirt can make the fibres of your carpet feel rough to your touch, which can make your carpet look worn out and old. After experts go through with cleaning, your carpet looks smoother and soft to touch, restoring that brand new look.

Yes, we are also covered with insurance, thus any damage during the cleaning process will be paid by the company so you don’t need to worry. Our domestic carpet cleaning services hire experienced cleaners only after a thorough background check including police vetting.

We also provide a quotation of the services offered before-hand ensuring you do not get any surprises during billing. Also, you can be assured of proper equipment worn and carried by our professionals keeping everyone around them safe following all regulations.

Our services are available 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week covering public holidays as well. With a large customer base in Sydney and a reputation to keep, we strive for your satisfaction. Finally, we are always happy to clear any queries you may have before and after the process on any part of the cleaning services we offer.

So, get your home ready for the holidays season and make it more cordial by hiring the professional carpet cleaners. Schedule a call today.

Yes, we got you covered. If your carpet is damaged by water through leakage or spills it’s best to address this quickly by identifying the origin of leakage and stopping it and drying your carpet using carpet paddings (that act as a sponge) to avoid mould growth. If left idle, it can pose a serious health risk as the growth of mildew or bacteria can occur on and near the affected area.

You can avoid all the trouble by calling in the carpet cleaning professionals in Sydney to make sure the problem is taken care of. We use an antimicrobial cleaner or special chemicals to avoid any damage to your carpet based on the type of fibre.

Yes, since this is an age-old method to clean a carpet. This works by applying a cleaning agent on the soiled portion of the carpet followed by the agitation with a brush and finally rinsing. When the cleaning agent settles, the carpet is subject to washing off the cleaning agent by rinsing it with a piece of cleaning equipment thoroughly and finally it’s laid to rest to dry in a room. Sometimes, certain odours can also be addressed during the cleaning process by cleaners which you did not notice before. 

This process is more efficient as the cleaning agent reacts to dust and dirt effectively to eliminate it and the disadvantage is in the time taken for the whole process thus recommending to apply this on a shorter area of your carpet.

Yes, we are into this as it’s the latest development in carpet cleaning technology and has gained increasing popularity although still many doubt the effectiveness of this cleaning technology. This process does not require drying time, as dry cleaning compounds or powders are used. The cleaning compound is applied onto the bottom part of the carpet surface using a motorized counter rotating brush machine allowing the compound to settle inside the carpet. 

Again, the cleaning compounds are made of the biodegradable material which can effectively absorb dirt under the carpet. The advantage of this method lies in the short time taken to complete which sees its use for the emergencies that you can have like while preparing for a house party over the weekend.

Your carpet can be made of different types of fibre and occasionally methods of cleaning the carpet may vary. Depending on the type of fibre, you can know your carpet’s cleanability and the type of solvent required to address those stains without damaging the carpet. Nylon and wool fibre types are easily cleanable with good resistance to stain. Olefin fibre types are water-resistant so mud and stains can return after this type of fibre dry off.

To remove that accidental oil or wine stain and spills, removing entangled hairballs and muddy paws from your carpet with a pet and the rainy season around, we investigate further and then use any of these techniques to clean your carpet – deep or dry carpet cleaning, steam or wet carpet cleaning or water damaged carpet cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being the top cleaners in Sydney, we at Sydney Premium Cleaning pride ourselves on our efficiency and trustworthiness. You can rest assured that your home will be cleaned to the highest standards, even if you are not physically present.

However, if you feel like a certain task could use your personal supervision, or you simply feel more comfortable being at home during the cleaning, feel free to stay in. Alternatively, you could leave a priority checklist for our staff on-site; just make sure you tell them where it is.

Yes! Whether you need us for your end-of-lease cleaning, or just need to do some touch up cleaning ahead of a special occasion, Sydney Premium Cleaning is available every day of the week, including public holidays.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we know how much reliability and trustworthiness matter to our clients. We ensure that all our professionals are fully insured and carefully vetted through a rigorous process, including police checks.

Our teams strive to complete the service to your satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our team will also bring all the equipment and materials needed for the service, including eco-friendly cleaning products and any required equipment.

Now that you’ve decided to try out Sydney Premium Cleaning; the best cleaners in Sydney, there’s not much left to do! Click the ‘Get Quote’ button and enter your details including your name, address, type of cleaning required, and preferred date and time of appointment. You can also mention any additional requirements you may have.

Once you press submit, you’ll receive a reply from us via email on the same business day, confirming the appointment and arrival time. If you’d like to know more details, you can also chat with us via Messenger or call us.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we strive to complete our services at the highest level of efficiency. Completion times depend on the type and combination of services required, as well as the size of the rooms and the overall condition of your carpet. For instance, deep-cleaning a large room might take longer than routine cleaning of a small bedroom. 

To get a rough estimate of how much time we’ll need to clean your home, just count one hour for each bedroom. For instance, if your home has 3 bedrooms, cleaning will approximately take 3 hours.

Once you book our services through our website, Sydney Premium Cleaning will assess your request and assign a team to clean your home. We’ll let you know exactly how many people will be on the team before the scheduled date.

Generally, a typical house cleaning team will consist of 1- 2 people; however, an extra member may be added if needed, depending on the complexity of the services required. For smaller tasks, (such as cleaning a studio apartment or a one-bedroom house), or for touch-up cleaning assignments, we usually send only one person.

We’re always happy to make your move easier for you. If your agent isn’t too far away from your home, Sydney Premium Cleaning can pick up your keys for your end-of-lease clean and safely return them to your real estate agent once we’re done cleaning your home.

If you would like to request this service, please add a note when you make a booking for your end-of-lease clean. You can also send us an email with all the necessary details.

After you press ‘Get Quote’ on our online booking form, check your inbox for our confirmation email, which you’ll receive within 24hrs of booking our services.

You’ll be contacted via text by one of the members of the cleaning team allocated to you one day ahead of your scheduled appointment, to confirm the time slot and other specifics.

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