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Cleaning of the Healthcare Environment

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This document, titled “Cleaning of the Healthcare Environment”, is an essential guide produced by the NSW Government. It provides detailed insight into the vital matter of maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in healthcare settings. After establishing the background, legislative requirements, and associated policies in the first section, it delves into specific cleaning requirements and procedures. Topics covered include governance and accountability, environmental cleaning procedures, documentation of cleaning procedures, and maintenance issues affecting cleaning. Additionally, the guide addresses cleanliness during and after refurbishments, construction or new builds, and specific methods of cleaning, including dealing with blood and other body substance spills. It also discusses how cleaning measures are adjusted based on the concept of risk and distinguishes between high-touch and low-touch surfaces as well as functional areas. The document offers valuable information on cleaning audits, both internal and external, along with evaluating these audits and the methods involved. The final part of the guide presents a list of appendices, which include key definitions and functional areas categorised according to risk. Additionally, an implementation checklist provides practical assistance in maintaining cleanliness standards. This document serves as an indispensable tool for healthcare professionals to ensure the healthcare environment is kept safe and hygienic.


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