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Guidelines for Ensuring Food Safety: A Comprehensive Guide on Cleaning and Sanitizing Practices for Food Businesses

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“Food Safety Practices and Requirements” is an informational document designed to assist food businesses in adhering to high standards of cleanliness and sanitization. The document lays out detailed guidelines under Standard 3.2.2, which emphasise the need for clean premises, fixtures, fittings, equipment, and food transport vehicles.Cleaning and sanitizing methods are outlined in a clear and step-by-step manner, with a particular focus on dishwasher use, bleach usage, and manual cleaning and sanitizing of utensils and food-contact surfaces.The document distinguishes between cleaning and sanitizing, underlining that while cleaning involves removing dirt and residues, sanitizing is required to destroy harmful microorganisms. The guide also offers tips for safe bleach use and explains the correct use of a dishwasher for sanitary purposes.“Food Safety Practices and Requirements” is an invaluable guide provided by Safe Food Australia to ensure businesses uphold food safety and quality. For further information, businesses can access additional resources at the Safe Food Australia website or by reaching out via email.


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