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Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


Complete Home Cleaning Checklist


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What Our Clients Say

Excellent Service, I have been using Sydney Premium Cleaning for my home and I have always been super happy knowing they are doing an excellent job and are trustworthy.


Kristy Smith

Sydney Premium Cleaning has been cleaning our office space for the last 3 months. We are greatful for how reliable they are.


Jason Chan

I have been through multiple cleaning companies over the last couple of years. I’m so happy I have found Sydney Premium Cleaning. Great work by the team.


Zeina George

Sydney Home Cleaning Services

Looking for that good vibe when at your home relaxing? Preparing for a house party on the weekend by starting to clean your house? Make a good impression with a clean house this festive season by calling the professional cleaners at Sydney Premium Cleaning. They are one of the most trusted house cleaning service.

By keeping your surroundings clean, your state of mind can change and you become more productive and stress-free. You don’t need to spend your entire weekend cleaning your house. Why not go for a domestic cleaning professional service to help you out? 

With a customized structure of services offered, you can go for the regular housekeeper or you can also opt for a one-time clean-up service according to your need of the hour. No matter how big your mess may be, Sydney Premium Cleaning is here to help with our residential cleaning services.

Take Advantage Of Domestic Cleaning Offers!

We provide the best house cleaning services in all of Sydney from carpet steam cleaning, window cleaning, spring cleaning, and deep clean to lease cleaning. To achieve this, we carefully employ staff and employees who have a track record of high-quality cleaning experience. 

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our staff members are friendly, reliable, trustworthy, and professional, with experience in all types of cleaning. All cleaning team members have been selected after a rigorous vetting process (including police checks) and will surely do an amazing job. Check out our special offers below and start the booking process.

Benefits of Hiring Experienced Home Cleaners

The overall value of your house can vary a lot with how your house looks on the outside. You might be able to keep the landscape clean or water the garden but going about cleaning the outside of your house can be tricky especially when it’s more than one level. It’s obvious that while doing this you have to keep yourself safe and not damage anything around you.

By hiring a professional Sydney house cleaning company, you can save yourself trouble and stress. Apart from cleaning your lawn and taking out the trash, we take note of the surroundings and materials your house is made of and with the proper application of a pressurised wash, we go over the window panes, bricks, wood or aluminium siding so as to both clean and not damage them. 

Also, for moss collecting on any surface, we use a special stain remover or a powdered oxygen wash. Reaching the roof of your house can be an added challenge and we come in with a mission to leave your house with an impression that brings a smile to anyone visiting.

It can happen that after all the hard work you did with cleaning the whole house, some extra places remain which might be neglected. Cleaning places like a balcony, veranda, or garage can take up your weekend.  We offer the complete internal house cleaning package tailored to your needs by checking the following points on any cleaning check-list with additional services. Some of these are:

  1. Covering the kitchen starting with cleaning the stove, doing the dishes, wiping down the cabinet, cleaning the interior and exterior of your oven and microwave and mopping the floor. 
  2. Covering the bedrooms and living areas which include dust and dry wiping all furniture and electronics, tidying up shoes and toys and cleaning floors. 
  3. With bathrooms, it gets extensive with cleaning and sanitising the toilets, the showers, bathtubs, polishing sink taps, cleaning mirrors and mopping the floors. Also, all rooms are inclusive of vacuuming carpets, mopping floorboards and tiles and emptying the trash.

Apart from the usual suspects, we also offer deep cleaning services which take an extra one to two hours and involves cleaning mould on bathroom walls or any moist area and dust collected in your furniture or electrical appliances. Got a balcony or veranda which is kept for leisure use? We offer cleaning for that too in our customised package. Garage tidying services include mopping and tidying your garage and finally, fridge cleaning is a special service dedicated to your fridge. 

All of this can be added with the general very professional service thus offering a wide variety of customizations available.

You can also prefer hiring a housekeeper from our domestic maid cleaning service for addressing those small day-to-day cleaning chores. All rooms will have different requirements and thus the housekeeper that you hire will address all these areas differently. We also keep our maids well-trained in cooking any small meals and carry out small chores some of which include making beds, ironing, laundry, cleaning linen, changing sheets, carrying out the trash, picking up your mail and walking your dogs. We are a family-owned business making us more comfortable and closer to ground-reality with a mix of a friendly and a professional approach. Also, if you are not satisfied we offer a free re-clean with an alternative cleaner. 

Finally, all services offered are extensive enough and can reduce the stress in your life by giving you the time to divert your energies to more productive work. You can even consider hiring them once or twice a month or go for the regular option by hiring a housekeeper. For every service we ensure the following areas are met:

  1. Insurance for all our staff and for you to prevent those unforeseen accidents. So, don’t worry, we got you covered. 
  2. The services offered are 24 hours of the day and 7 days of the week with coverage on public holidays as well making them reliable for any emergencies during this festive season. 
  3. Customer safety is our priority thus, our staff are already tested and fully equipped with approved guidelines to keep you out of harm’s way. 
  4. We hire people after a thorough background check which is police-verified with rigorous training given after selection resulting in a high degree of professionalism. 
  5. With a large customer base providing that added experience, we strive for excellence in our services to cater to your needs and satisfaction.
  6. We will also provide you with all the charges that come with the services offered beforehand preventing any surprises on the billing front. 

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Our Specialty Domestic Cleaning Services

Are you overwhelmed by family and work commitments, but still worried about keeping your house clean? Just hand over the cleaning chores to the top cleaning service in Sydney. 

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our expert technicians use the best cleaning tools and techniques to ensure that your home is sparkling clean. To book our house cleaning service simply fill in our online booking form or give us a call.

Being the top cleaners in Sydney, we know that clean windows not only look great, they also generate the best return on investment when selling your home. However, as a homeowner, cleaning your own windows can be difficult, time-consuming, and even dangerous.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our expert cleaners use branded cleaning equipment and the best eco-friendly products to ensure that your windows are clean and free of dust, grime, and germs. Fill out our booking form to lock in your window cleaning service.

Many homeowners tend to forget the importance of cleaning carpets. Left uncleaned, carpets can store unprecedented amounts of dust, which then cause the breeding of dust mites and all kinds of germs, which in turn may lead to various illnesses.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we use advanced techniques to remove dust, prevent the breeding of germs, and make your carpet look as good as new. Give us a call or email us today to get your carpet rejuvenated.

Moving to a new rental home, but worried about end-of-lease cleaning? With our end-of-lease cleaning service, your home will look as good as new in no time at all. We can also pick up your keys and drop them off once we’re done cleaning so that you can focus on your move. Click the ‘Get Quote’ button now to book an end-of-lease cleaning session with Sydney Premium Cleaning.

With your hectic schedule, keeping your apartment (or apartment building) clean can be more than a bit of a hassle. We offer apartment cleaning and strata cleaning services in Sydney for all types of apartments, from studios and one-bedroom apartments to duplex and triplex apartments.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our seasoned experts use specialised eco-friendly products and techniques to clean your apartment. To book our apartment cleaning service simply click the ‘Get Quote’ button or call us directly.

Ovens are some of the most used kitchen appliances; the average household uses an oven more than 156 times a year. Over time, greasy residue and germs can build up on the inside of your oven, increasing the risk of food contamination, and even driving up energy costs.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we remove grime, dirt and food particles from your oven without using abrasive cleaning materials that damage your appliance. Forget about cleaning the oven yourself and lock in your free quote today.

Without proper cleaning, kitchens can become havens for illness-causing germs.  However, cleaning the kitchen can be time-consuming and difficult.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we use the best eco-friendly products and methods to organise, sanitise and clean your kitchen to perfection. Don’t stress, just give our cleaning experts a call or fill in the booking form now.

Tired of unexplained bad odours, soap scum, mildew and spotty mirrors in the bathroom? Our staff cleans and sanitises all surfaces so that your bathroom is thoroughly clean and smells fresh.

Sydney Premium Cleaning is always happy to help you with all your household service needs. To book our bathroom cleaning service, give us a call or email us today.

Have you fallen behind on your routine cleaning schedule? No problem. Our friendly and efficient staff will help you get your home back in order, with our catch-up/recurring cleaning services across Sydney.

Sydney Premium Cleaning is more than happy to help you with all your residential cleaning service needs. Stress no more, book our catch-up/recurring cleaning service at once.

You may be that rare person who manages to stay on top of your daily cleaning chores, despite a busy schedule. But what about the dust and germs that gather in hard-to-reach nooks and corners?

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, our professionals have all the equipment and skills necessary to deep-clean your home and leave it looking brand new. Click the ‘Get Quote’ button or call us today to confirm an end-of-lease cleaning experience with Sydney Premium Cleaning.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Being the top cleaners in Sydney, we at Sydney Premium Cleaning pride ourselves on our efficiency and trustworthiness. You can rest assured that your home will be cleaned to the highest standards, even if you are not physically present.

However, if you feel like a certain task could use your personal supervision, or you simply feel more comfortable being at home during the cleaning, feel free to stay in. Alternatively, you could leave a priority checklist for our staff on-site; just make sure you tell them where it is.

Yes! Whether you need us for your end-of-lease cleaning, or just need to do some touch up cleaning ahead of a special occasion, Sydney Premium Cleaning is available every day of the week, including public holidays.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we know how much reliability and trustworthiness matter to our clients. We ensure that all our professionals are fully insured and carefully vetted through a rigorous process, including police checks.

Our teams strive to complete the service to your satisfaction while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our team will also bring all the equipment and materials needed for the service, including eco-friendly cleaning products and any required equipment.

Now that you’ve decided to try out Sydney Premium Cleaning; the best cleaners in all of Sydney, there’s not much left to do! Click the ‘Get Quote’ button and enter your details including your name, address, type of cleaning required, and preferred date and time of appointment. You can also mention any additional requirements you may have.

Once you press submit, you’ll receive a reply from us via email on the same business day, confirming the appointment and arrival time. If you’d like to know more details, you can also chat with us via Messenger or call us.

At Sydney Premium Cleaning, we strive to complete our services at the highest level of efficiency. Completion times depend on the type and combination of services required, as well as the size of the rooms and the overall condition of your home. For instance, deep-cleaning a large kitchen might take longer than routine cleaning of a small bedroom. 

To get a rough estimate of how much time we’ll need to clean your home, just count one hour for each bedroom. For instance, if your home has 3 bedrooms, cleaning will approximately take 3 hours.

Once you book our services through our website, Sydney Premium Cleaning will assess your request and assign a team to clean your home. We’ll let you know exactly how many people will be on the team before the scheduled date.

Generally, a typical house cleaning team will consist of 1- 2 people; however, an extra member may be added if needed, depending on the complexity of the services required. For smaller tasks, (such as cleaning a studio apartment or a one-bedroom house), or for touch-up cleaning assignments, we usually send only one person.

We’re always happy to make your move easier for you. If your agent isn’t too far away from your home, Sydney Premium Cleaning can pick up your keys for your end-of-lease clean and safely return them to your real estate agent once we’re done cleaning your home.

If you would like to request this service, please add a note when you make a booking for your end-of-lease clean. You can also send us an email with all the necessary details.

After you press ‘Get Quote’ on our online booking form, check your inbox for our confirmation email, which you’ll receive within 24hrs of booking our services.

You’ll be contacted via text by one of the members of the cleaning team allocated to you one day ahead of your scheduled appointment, to confirm the time slot and other specifics.

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